Katika discovered her love of writing in fourth-grade writing workshop, and embraced this art from that point forward. Developing her style and voice via DragonLance fanfiction, she began crafting her own stories in high school, winning local writing competitions. Happiest when wordsmithing, she enrolled in creative writing courses while pursuing her degree in animal science, and ultimately ended up as an indie author.

Her world of Abaeloth was accidentally discovered in 2003 when creating an RPG character who shared her life story from birth to death and everything in between. With nothing left to game with, Kat set to work on writing her series, Tale of the Fallen. Three more series within the encompassing Afflicted Saga are currently drafted.

Katika lives on a farm with her husband and their assortment of special needs animals, and she spends her non-writing time playing with her dog, riding her horses, and drowning in garden gnomes. She strives to draw on the brilliance of the fantasy classics to craft and deliver epic tales reminiscent of those from the genre’s golden age. It is among her most sincere hopes that you fall in love with Abaeloth and its inhabitants as deeply as she has.