By day, Kara Dennison is a writer and journalist in the anime industry, with regular features at Crunchyroll, Otaku USA Magazine, and Fanbyte. She has also worked as an editor for US releases of anime and games, including Mazinger Z, Devilman, and CLANNAD.

When she’s not covering the latest anime, Kara writes in the expanded universe of Doctor Who and beyond. In addition to contributing a book-length study of “Heaven Sent” to Obverse Books’ Black Archive series, she has written for their Iris Wildthyme and City of the Saved ranges. In October 2019, she was part of the publisher’s 10th anniversary line with her anthology Vanishing Tales of the City, bringing together Iris, Faction Paradox, and many more spinoff properties.

Kara is also the co-creator of the light novel series Owl’s Flower (with illustrator Ginger Hoesly), and co-founder of Altrix Books with Paul Driscoll. Her work can be found in Associates of Sherlock Holmes (Titan Books), Sockhops & Seances (18th Wall), Ride the Star Wind (Broken Eye Books), and a variety of charity anthologies and zines. Regular updates are available at, and on Kara’s twitter @RubyCosmos.