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Bill Mulligan

Bill Mulligan has taught high school science for 25 years, but his students never suspect that he moonlights as an indie filmmaker, podcaster, and writer. He has worked on five feature films and over two dozen shorts as an actor, writer, director, and special effects artist, including the award-winning Belladonna (writer), Knob Goblins (creature FX), 400 Ways to Kill a Vampire (writer, actor) and Cache Me If You Can (writer/director). He can be heard on the Decades of Horror podcasts at and The Videostore Junkies at

His first novel, Raum, will be published soon by Falstaff books.

Angela Pritchett

Angela Pritchett is an actress, author, musician, costumer, podcaster, and makeup artist. She has been seen in films such as Plan 9, the Porkchop film trilogy, TV shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, and most recently the JG Wentworth Commercial!

Angela is an avid cosplayer and has been making her own costumes for the last twenty years. Her costumes have been featured in the Washington Post, as well as various Japanese magazines and coffee table books.

Angela plays geeky and spooky music with her ukulele. She posts videos of her music on your Youtube channel “Angela Plays Ukulele”. Her videos have been featured in Ukulele Magazine, Horror Society, and many other news outlets.

Angela is the author of Shut Up and Eat! The Unofficial Doctor Who Cookbook Series, she has also been featured in numerous short story anthologies and books with essays on different topics in fandoms like Dr. Who and Star Trek.

Angela went to UNC Greensboro and has a BS in Music Education and a Masters in Liberal Studies and Ethnomusicology. She does the podcasting segment “A Geek Girl’s Take” which can be heard weekly on the Earth Station One Network, and when she has free time she spends it sewing or playing with her Pugs.

Travis I. Sivart

Bestseller, award-winning sci-fi/fantasy author and podcaster, internationally recognized voice actor, and crazy cat guy.

Travis I. Sivart is a prolific author of fantasy, science fiction, social DIY, and more. He’s created The Traverse Reality, a shared universe that connects his cyberpunk, fantasy, and steampunk worlds, and writes characters who feel real.

You can find Travis live-streaming the writing and editing of his latest project from his home in Central Virginia, surrounded by too many cats.

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