Christine has always had a love of reading, writing, and imaginative activities. Her dream of becoming a published author started in grade school, and became official back in 2012, upon publishing a handful of short stories and subsequently bracing for impact. Since then, she has published just under ten short stories, and three full-length novels. Two of those are part of a series in dedication to her best friend, Jessi, titled Kinetic Rebirth and Kinetic Memory. She has attended every RavenCon since 2009, some as an author panelist, others as an eager listener to others in the trade, and once as a high schooler on the “Voices of Tomorrow” panel WAY back in 2011.

She lives with her husband, Brock, and a trilogy of crazy doggos in Chesterfield, VA. You can find her full-length novels on Amazon, and eBook short stories on most eBook platforms.