Crymsyn Hart

Crymsyn HartCrymsyn Hart is a the author of over seventy paranormal romance and horror novels. Her experiences as a psychic have given her a lot of material to use in her books. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her hubby and her two dogs. If she’s not writing, she’s curled up with the dogs watching a good horror movie or off with friends.


H.J. Harding

H.J. HardingH.J. Harding is the author of the Moonlit Memories series and the Hyde Chronicles. She lives between the states of Chaos and Confusion with occasional stopovers in Virginia. Sometimes she even updates her website at


Richard Groller

Richard GrollerRichard Groller is an author of fiction and non-fiction. His non-fiction book credits include co-author of The Warrior’s Edge (with Janet Morris and COL John Alexander) and chief researcher and contributing author to The American Warrior (Janet and Chris Morris, Eds.). Nominated for Military Intelligence Professional Writer of the Year in 1986, he has published numerous historical and technical articles in such venues as Military Intelligence, The Field Artillery Journal, Guns and Ammo, and the Journal of Electronic Defense, and has been cited as the primary source for sections of several textbooks on electronic warfare. A member of both SFWA and HWA, Rich is a contributor to the Heroes in Hell series, and has to-date been published in six volumes of the shared universe anthology (Prophets in Hell, Lawyers in Hell, Rogues in Hell, Dreamers in Hell, Poets in Hell, and Doctors in Hell) by Baen Books and Perseid Press. He is published in three volumes of the Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse series – Sha’Daa: Pawns, Sha’Daa: Facets and Sha’Daa: Inked (created by Michael H. Hanson and published by Moondream Press). He has been published by Iron Clad Press in two volumes of John Manning’s Night Chills horror anthologies: Terror by Gaslight and Dark Corners and by Perseid Press in John Manning’s horror anthology What Scares the Boogeyman? He has been published in the Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase, Volumes III and IV. He is editor of The Book of Night, an illustrated book of macabre poetry, also published by Moondream Press. You can find his books at


Val Griswold-Ford

Val Griswold-FordVal Griswold-Ford is the author of the Carter’s Cove novel Winter’s Secrets. She is also the author of the Dark Horseman novels Not Your Father’s Horseman, Dark Moon Seasons and Last Rites, all from Dragon Moon Press. She is the co-editor (with Tee Morris) of the memorial anthology Tales of the Tesla Ranger. She is also the co-editor of The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: the Opus Magnus (with Tee Morris) and The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: The Author’s Grimoire (with Lai Zhao), also from Dragon Moon Press, and has self-published the short e-novella “Snow” and, most recently, the short story “Convoy”. She has published several short stories in various anthologies online and in print, and is owned by two cats. She lives in New Hampshire with said cats. You can find her at


Tina Glasneck

Tina GlasneckTina Glasneck is a USA Today bestselling author and enjoys creating stories that combine history, fantasy, and Norse gods. Someday she might just fancy a trip to Asgard too, and find out what all the fuss is about! Learn more about Tina at her website:


J.M.R. Gaines

J.M.R. GainesJames F. Gaines and John M. Gaines have been writing science fiction together for several years as a father-son team under the collective name J.M.R. Gaines, besides publishing individually. Living in Fredericksburg, VA—close to the nation’s capital—makes them yearn for other worlds. The Forlani Saga consists of Life Sentence, Spy Station, Earth Regained, and two future sequels. In this universe, alien life forms are a central concern, not just for their physical appearance, but because of an interest in how separate evolutions in vastly different environments could cause widely varying psychologies, social forms, languages, and mental outlooks. In inter-species contact situations, these differences offer unending possibilities as sources of either cooperation or conflict.


Meg Elison

Meg ElisonMeg Elison is a science fiction author and feminist essayist. Her debut novel, The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, won the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award. She has been published in McSweeney’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Catapult, and many other places. Elison is a high school dropout and a graduate of UC Berkeley. Find her online at, where she writes like she’s running out of time.


Wendy S. Delmater

Wendy S. DelmaterWendy S. Delmater is the author of Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer, and the Better Dating Through Engineering series. She has been editor of the Hugo-nominated magazine, Abyss & Apex, since 2006. She is also the editor of The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volumes 1 and 2. Wendy’s recent publication credits include short stories and poetry in The Singularity magazine, Little Blue Marble, Gathering Storm, Star*Line, Illumen, and The Silver Blade. You can visit her Amazon author page, or follow her on Facebook—or on Twitter where she’s known as @safewrite.

Wendy was born in farm country in Western PA, spent much of her life on Long Island in NY, and now lives in Lexington, SC. Her husband and she spend inordinate amounts of time trying to out-geek each other.

Wendy’s always believed that non-fiction is just “stories about real life,” and she believes her work in science fiction and fantasy makes her non-fiction enjoyable.

She has a BS in safety management from Mercy College and she’s a Professional Member (Emeritus) of the American Society of Safety Engineers. She’s also an affiliate member of SFWA—the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. You can learn more at


Doc Coleman

Doc Coleman

Doc Coleman grew up in the 7th largest city in West Virginia. In any other state, it would have been a small town. He never dreamed of being a writer. He dreamed of being an actor, of making movies. He dreamed of going to space. He just didn’t dream hard enough. So he ended up working in IT.

But he always had a way with words. He still wanted to tell stories.

One day a friend told Doc that it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill. He didn’t know how true that was, but he did see something in that that was true: You don’t get better at things you don’t do.

So he set about getting better at writing.

He started a blog, writing about something he did know about: technology.

About six months later, he started writing short stories.

Doc’s stories have appeared in The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Tales from the Archives, The Way of the Gun: A Bushido Western Anthology, and the steampunk special edition of Flagship magazine. In 2017 he published his first novel, The Perils of Prague, the first book in the steampunk comedy/adventure series The Adventures of Crackle and Bang.

He has been a guest at Balticon, RavenCon, and Capclave, and is currently the show runner for the Balticon podcast. He is also known as a narrator and a voice actor.

When he isn’t juggling projects, making a living, or mainlining podcasts, Doc is a gamer, an avid reader, a motorcyclist, a home brewer and beer lover, a fan of renaissance festivals, and frequently a smart-ass. He lives with his lovely wife and two cats in Germantown, MD.


Margaret L. Carter

Margaret L. CarterReading Dracula at the age of twelve ignited Margaret L. Carter’s interest in a wide range of speculative fiction and inspired her to become a writer. Vampires, however, have always remained close to her heart. Her work on vampirism in literature includes Dracula: The Vampire and the Critics, The Vampire in Literature: A Critical Bibliography, and Different Blood: The Vampire as Alien. She holds a Ph.D. in English, and her dissertation contained a chapter on Dracula. In fiction, she has written horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance. Recent publications include Crimson Dreams (vampire romance), Demon’s Fall (paranormal romance novella), Heart’s Desires and Dark Embraces (story collection, fantasy and paranormal romance), and Legacy of Magic (sword and sorcery, in collaboration with her husband, Leslie Roy Carter). “A Walk in the Mountains,” co-written with her husband, appeared in the 2016 anthology Realms of Darkover. A sequel, “Believing,” was included in Masques of Darkover (2017). Margaret and her husband, a retired naval officer, live in Maryland and have four sons, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a St. Bernard, and two cats.