Destini Beard

Destini Beard Destini is a rising star in the haunting and enchanted soundtrack and music venue. Destini’s background in vocals started in high school where she excelled as a lyrical Soprano 1 with a 3-4 octave voice. Destini has an emotive sound that mesmerizes all who listen to her. She was and is the youngest member of the world renown Susquehanna Valley Chorale.

In 2010, Destini released her EP album The Dark Masquerade with the horror soundtrack group Midnight Syndicate. She then produced a full-length album with the group in 2012 called A Time Forgotten.

Her song “Farewell Forever” was featured in the award-winning horror/soundtrack album from the 10th annual Rondo Hatton Awards.

In 2011, Destini was invited to her first international performance at the Svaneholm Slott castle in Sweden, and since then has been performing across the United States.

Her albums were featured on Rue Morgue radio, Dark Beauty Magazine, and are played nationwide on the award winning rock/metal radio show Rock Solid Pressure Show.

In 2014, Destini made the top 10 most popular digital album downloads from Amazon Music.

Destini teamed up with symphonic metal band Infinitus Mortus to release three singles, “Transcendence of Souls,” “Warrior Within,” and “Ascension.” “Transcendence of Souls” and “Ascension” won 1st place in an international artist competition through Talentcast.

In 2015, Destini was featured along with nine other top female metal singers to be featured on the cover of the Metal Female Voices Community’s 10th webzine issue, and ranked 18th in the international female singer competition.

Destini enjoys singing for theatrical soundtracks and looks forward to embracing more opportunities in this and other vocal commercial venues. She will be debuting her solo dark Celtic album Beyond the Forest Gates for 2016-17.