Larry Dixon

LarryDixon1Larry Dixon is a respected, funny, friendly, and completely approachable guy with a diverse and adventurous history.

Son of a Delta Force career commando and an Oklahoman farmgirl, Larry grew up in many American and European settings, usually haunting the local art museums and hobby stores. At age nine he saved up his babysitting money and bought his first typewriter, intent upon writing and illustrating his own novels. Northern Italy is where his passions for painting, sculpting and storytelling took root, as well as his interests in state-level diplomacy, early computers and rocketry. In junior high school, Larry spent his weekends learning Chainmail and D&D from some of the original mimeographed and handwritten manuscripts of the games. He has been a roleplaying games buff since the 1970s, and has illustrated or helped design many RPGs.

Educated at the North Carolina School of the Arts during high school, and then at the Savannah College of Art and Design, his story work became as popular as his artwork. He has been an uncredited co-plotter or co-writer for many popular properties, bringing jovial and energetic approaches to collaborative work. Many cover-credited novels have followed, too, including the ever-popular Gryphon series, the Winds, Storms, SERRAted Edge, and Owl books with the mighty Mercedes (Misty) Lackey. Born to Run has been hailed as a “romp with a conscience,” and The Black Gryphon has been critically referred to as “A modern classic,” and is in its nineteenth printing.

 As a birds-of-prey rehabilitation specialist, he and his wife Misty have gotten hawks, owls, falcons, herons, and corbies back into the wild from their home-based facilities in Oklahoma. Additionally, Larry is an accomplished race car driver, world traveler, aviculturist, model maker, and internet veteran.

Larry loves standup comedy; genre movies; subcultures; aikido; storms; design; SF TV; odd cars (he owns many, and a few even run); his hawks, cockatoos and owls; history; comic books; architecture; costume; road trips; woodworking; studio scale and hobby scale modelmaking; International Rally and American LeMans Series racing; dirty jokes; club/trance/electronica, synth, experimental, and ambient music; and just plain making people feel good about themselves.

Larry is the “Most Read Writer” on the answer site Quora in the topics of Comedians, Stand-up Comedy, Birds, Fiction, Sports Cars, Villains, Concept Art, Ford Mustang, Automotive Industry, Buying Cars, Ferrari Motors, and Art.

He has been a cover artist for Baen (the Secret World Chronicle series, the SERRAted Edge series, the Doubled Edge Series, and several stand-alone works) and Tor, and was tapped to create the end papers, frontispiece, and chapter headings for Mercedes Lackey’s Hunter series for Disney Hyperion (ask him about “dial it back, Dixon”).

His ongoing, ever-changing decades-long romance with Mercedes Lackey is legendary. Larry feels equally comfortable around generals, rock stars, fans, firefighters, victims, cops, media and movie makers because, hey, he’s an Okie. Definitely chat with him or ask questions at panels about approaches to your work—nothing makes him happier than helping someone with their avocations, and bringing more beauty into the world.