Tedd Roberts

Tedd RobertsDr. Tedd Roberts (pseudonym of Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D.) is THE (brain) scientist behind the science fiction for more than a dozen writers. He has assisted in the (fictional) creation of future medicine, brain computer interfaces, unusual diseases, alien intelligence, novel brain diseases (and the medical nanites to cure them), exotic toxins, and brain effects of a zombie virus. His science writing ranges from the mysteries of the brain to surviving the Apocalypse, from prosthetics to TV and movie diseases, and from the fictional depiction of real science to living in space. His recent forays into short fiction include Science Fiction by Scientists (Springer), Riding the Red Horse (Castalia) and Black Tide Rising (Baen).

Dr. Hampson is a Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology with over 35 years of experience in animal and human neuroscience. His professional work includes more than 100 peer-reviewed research articles ranging from the pharmacology of memory to the effects of radiation on the brain. He is also leading the clinical testing efforts for a “neural prosthetic” to restore human memory following damage due to aging, injury or disease (publication forthcoming, Spring 2017).

With more than two million words in scientific writing alone, communicating science just for fellow scientists was not enough. As Dr. Roberts or Dr. Hampson, his public talks on science, science fiction (and the science in science fiction) are available to professors, students and civic groups as well as SF/F conventions. He is available as a subject matter expert via the Science and Entertainment Exchange—a service of the National Academy of Sciences.