James R. Stratton

 Jim Stratton is a chameleon. By day, he is a mild-mannered government lawyer specializing in the field of child abuse prosecutions, and lives with his wife and children in southern Delaware. But he’s been an avid fan of speculative fiction all his life, and began writing genre fiction 10+ years ago. In recent years he’s been forging his dark alter ego of genre fiction author through publication of his tales in venues like Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine, Ennea (published in Athens, Greece) and Nth Degree Magazine. The appearance of his first foray into the world of poetry in The Broadkill Review is but another step in his master plan. Soon he will step into the light as his stories appeared in 2010 and 2011 in Tower of Light Online Magazine, Big Pulp E-zine and the Paper Blossoms, Sharpened Steel anthology of Oriental fantasy from Fantasist Enterprises. His appearances in Dead Souls in September 2009 and Rum & Runestones in April 2010 are further steps in his master plan. Since, he had had publications in Padwolf Press (2012), NthZine.com, and Bad Ass Fairies IV (2014). He will be included in the Best of Big Pulp 2017 and the Best of Nth Degree Magazine, due out in 2018. His final reveal, the novel Loki’s Gambit, is under review for possible publication in 2019, when he will finally step into the light, triumphant.


Michael A. Ventrella

Michael A. VentrellaAlthough Michael A. Ventrella tends to be best known for being “that guy who predicted the Hodor plot” he’d rather be known for his witty novels, including Bloodsuckers: A Vampire Runs For President and Arch Enemies. He’s the editor of the Baker Street Irregulars anthologies with NY Times Bestseller Jonathan Maberry as well as the Tales of Fortannis fantasy anthologies. His short stories have appeared in other anthologies, including The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Archives, Rum & Runestones, and Heroes in Hell. On his web page (MichaelAVentrella.com), he interviews other authors, editors and agents. He also owns and runs one of the largest fantasy LARPs in North America, AllianceLARP.com. In his spare time, he is a lawyer.