Jessica Vanderpol

Jessica VanderpolJessica Vanderpol is an artist who specializes in children’s illustrations, sequential art (a fancy term for comics), and fine art in the fantasy/science fiction genres. From a young age, she’s been fixated on capturing the comical nature of cats on paper, and created dozens of stories featuring her feline friends (she still has all those stories stored in a box on her shelf). Since then, she’s added fantasy and science fiction illustration to her repertoire, including fantastical dragons, focused character studies, and stellar space girls.

Jessica employs a variety of mediums from project to project, applying the concept of “matching medium to subject”. She primarily uses watercolors and ink for children’s illustrations and fantasy art, creating a softer, earthier feel. For science fiction pieces, she prefers the diversity available through digital mediums to open windows into the future. Recently, she has added oil painting to her skillset, and is reveling in the rich, deep hues that it offers.

Jessica currently teaches art classes at the D’Art Center in Norfolk, VA. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her with a cup of tea at her drafting table, diligently supervised by her art director (her cat). You can find Jessica’s work at