Inverse Phase

Inverse PhaseBrendan Becker is Inverse Phase, and Inverse Phase is a game composer, chiptune/8-bit musician, and tribute artist. Through researching old consoles and computers like the Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, and more, he crafts music that aims for the intersection of things that he loves. Panels and performances will delve into the community and scene surrounding retro hardware and the artistic works that it has brought forth, past and present. Come and see what he can make your old hardware do!


Rebecca Roberts Ryan

Rebecca Roberts RyanRebecca Roberts Ryan, cosplaying as Foxy Roxy Cosplay, has been costuming and cosplaying for many years. She works with a wide range of crafting media to make costumes celebrating her love of TV, movies, comic books, video games, and sci-fi. She’s even thrown in a few original designs!

Known for her attention to detail and outstanding reference materials, she has won awards and acclaim nationwide—including receiving a “Best Costume” award from the Costume Designers Guild of America. She has guested, judged competitions, and hosted panels at conventions across the country.

Find her on Facebook @FoxyRoxyCosplay. Let’s talk shop!


James Treekiller

James Treekiller“If you have the desire, you can build anything!” That’s the motto I have lived with since a kid and its followed me through my adulthood though I still feel like a kid at heart. Being creative and working in the arts has always been second nature to me, I followed that passion through college and landed as a commercial artist in the private sector and museums. I was even in the running for the Smithsonian Institute but turned that career down to become a Medic/Firefighter, specializing in HAZ-MAT and Technical Rescue, which I recently retired from after twenty years of service.

If you know me, you will know that I have been a big Mad Max fan since seeing the first movie in the theatre, and following my motto my cosplay life started. My wife Deb and I rolled out Max and Doof as our first builds and they have won a lot of contests, including the big Mad Max 5-day event in the Mojave desert, Wasteland Weekend. The latest prop build is actually Max’s Interceptor which has had the approval of Emil Minty, the “Ferrel Kid” from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Again, if you have the desire, you can build anything!



MetriculaMadison “Metricula” Roberts (she/her) is a singer-songwriter, clown, and entertainer from Raleigh, NC.

You can cozy up with her at the Nerd Music Campfire and relive the summer camp nights of your youth with sing-a-longs and smores, but nerdier! Stream tunes from her debut EP, Songs for Gamers for free online or pick them up via Bandcamp.

Metricula is also a co-host of the All in the Reflexes geek culture podcast as well as a founder of the Social Justice Bards, a group of livestreaming musicians and artists on Twitch. You can catch her live (for free!) online doing music or hosting Nasty Woman Knitting Circle, where she knits… adult novelty items.

In her muggle life, Metricula is a scientist, DIY enthusiast, and avid coffee-drinker. She’s totally not mad that the cat loves her spouse, Richard, more than her.

Follow her online basically everywhere as @metricula or find her hub at


LudoSport Hampton Roads

LudoSportLudoSport is the international network of the sporting light saber combat created in 2006 and codified in a progressive learning path. It is enjoyment within a sport environment, promoting social relations and the sense of belonging to a group. It teaches respect and knowledge of one’s own body, and develops imagination, elegance and reflexes.

Solace Sovay

Solace Sovay is an indie rock band based out of Richmond, VA. A trio filled with chemistry and rooted family ties. They are considered a staple of the local indie music scene in Virginia, performing for over ten years throughout the state and the surrounding mid-Atlantic region. The summer of 2017 is when they embarked on their first self-planned, -booked and -promoted east coast tour. Their debut full length LP, it doesn’t matter what it is, just what is seems <3, catapults them into a new territory they seem destined to own.


John C. Wright

John C. WrightJohn C. Wright is a retired attorney, newspaperman and newspaper editor, who was only once on the lam and forced to hide from the police. He is the author of some twenty-two novels, including the critically acclaimed The Golden Age, and Count to a Trillion. He has also published numerous short stories and anthologies, including Awake in the Night Land and City Beyond Time, as well as nonfiction. His novel Somewhither won the Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2016. His novel Orphans of Chaos was a finalist for the Nebula Award in 2005. In 2015, he made history by being nominated for six Hugo Awards in one year, more than any other author. He presently works as a writer in Virginia, where he lives in fairytalelike happiness with his wife, the authoress L. Jagi Lamplighter, and their four children: Pingping, Orville, Wilbur, and Just Wright.


Allen Wold

Allen WoldAllen Wold was born in south-western Michigan. He began writing on an old portable typewriter when he was about eight. He finished high school in Tucson, AZ, and graduated from Pomona College, in Claremont, CA, where he met his wife, Diane. They married in 1972, and moved to North Carolina, where he became a full-time writer. In 1986, he became a full-time father, which occupied him completely for about three years. He and his family lived in England from 1995 to 1998.

He has published nine novels (six of which have been re-issued by ReAnimus Press), several short stories (mostly for the Elf Quest anthologies), five non-fiction books on computers (he’s completely self-taught, and it probably shows), and a number of articles, columns, reviews, and so forth, also concerning computers (written in language even he can understand).

Under his own imprint, Ogden House, he has published Stroad’s Cross; Sturgis; Dead Hand; his collected stories for Blood of Ten Chiefs, Freefoot; A Closet for a Dragon and Other Early Tales; Cat Tales — Reminiscences; and Slaves of War, a Space Opera in Six Parts. He is still working on a pseudo-Lovecraftian novel; and a pseudo-Victorian faerie story. His six-volume The Black Ring will be out from Double Dragon spring and summer 2018.

Allen has been running his Writers’ Workshop at sf conventions for more than thirty years. Several who have taken it have sold stories they started in the workshop, and a couple have even won awards. He also runs a Plotting Workshop, an interactive lecture, which is a lot of fun, and which people have found helpful.

Allen is a member of SFWA.


Michael G. Williams

Michael G. WilliamsMichael G. Williams writes clever science fiction and wry suburban horror: stories of monsters, macabre humor, far-future detectives down on their luck, and the deceptively picturesque. He is the award-winning author of the five volumes of The Withrow Chronicles, the Servant/Sovereign series, and A Fall in Autumn, all published or being published by Falstaff Books. Michael was on the development team for Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition and co-creator of the forthcoming fantasy RPG Voistvanost. He has also written a number of short stories across the spectrum of speculative fiction.

Michael is also an avid podcaster, activist, reader, runner, cyclist, and gaymer, and is a brother in St. Anthony Hall and Mu Beta Psi. He lives in Durham, NC, with two cats, two dogs, an amazing boyfriend, and more and better friends than he probably deserves. Follow his work on Facebook or at


Joe Wetmore

Joe WetmoreJoe Wetmore is one of the hosts of the YouTube channel Instant Replay Live. Together, with his brother, they reconnect after living in separate states for about ten years and now tell stories and catch-up while gaming!