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Chris AddottaSmith

Familiar to many, Chris AdottaSmith has been active on the Virginia convention circuit for about twenty years. She attended SheVaCon when it was still in Staunton. Then she moved to the peninsula and found MarsCon where she ran the Con Suite for several years. She

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Ed Beard Jr.

Ed Beard Jr. has created art for over 1000 published products over the past 30-plus years. He is most recognized for his dragon art in the “Dragon Calendar”—distributed worldwide over the past ten years—plus wizards, fairies, horror and other mythological creatures, and subjects gracing the

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Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes was raised mostly in the northwestern corner of Indiana, attending grade school and high school in Highland, Indiana. She graduated from Purdue University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This, she soon learned, along with a paper

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Larry Dixon

Larry Dixon is a respected, funny, friendly, and completely approachable guy with a diverse and adventurous history. Son of a Delta Force career commando and an Oklahoman farmgirl, Larry grew up in many American and European settings, usually haunting the

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