Inverse Phase

Inverse PhaseBrendan Becker is Inverse Phase, and Inverse Phase is a game composer, chiptune/8-bit musician, and tribute artist. Through researching old consoles and computers like the Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, and more, he crafts music that aims for the intersection of things that he loves. Panels and performances will delve into the community and scene surrounding retro hardware and the artistic works that it has brought forth, past and present. Come and see what he can make your old hardware do!


Solace Sovay

Solace Sovay is an indie rock band based out of Richmond, VA. A trio filled with chemistry and rooted family ties. They are considered a staple of the local indie music scene in Virginia, performing for over ten years throughout the state and the surrounding mid-Atlantic region. The summer of 2017 is when they embarked on their first self-planned, -booked and -promoted east coast tour. Their debut full length LP, it doesn’t matter what it is, just what is seems <3, catapults them into a new territory they seem destined to own.


Hampton Roads Splendid Teapot Racing

Hampton Roads Splendid Teapot RacingSplendid Teapot Racing is a steampunk sport that began in New Zealand, but is quickly becoming a pleasurable pastime around the world. Designed for the average person to participate in, it is an obstacle course of jumps, ramps, and several delicately balanced breakable china teacups and saucers, that must be negotiated using a remote controlled teapot. Check out our Facebook page, “Splendid Teapot Racing Hampton Roads, Virginia” to see pictures and videos.

Anyone can participate in Teapot Racing; you just need a remote control vehicle, remove the top and add a teapot or tea kettle. The vehicle can include most anything, but it must include a teapot. The most fun part of the race is that points are awarded for costume, attitude, entertainment, and bribes for the judges are not only encouraged, but expected.


U the Magician

U the Magician U the Magician is a hypnotist/magician with over seven years of experience in bringing a smile to faces and pushing reality beyond the expected. U started magic at the age of 15 and trained under three masters of the Craft. Since then he’s entertained friends and conventions while performing around the country.


Devo Spice

Devo SpiceDevo Spice is a comedy-rapper from New Jersey who has become one of the most popular artists on the Dr. Demento Show. He was the founding member of Sudden Death, the comedy rap group that had the #1, #2, and #4 most requested songs of 2007 on the Dr. Demento Show. (“Cellular Degeneration,” “Getting Old Sucks,” and “Pillagers,” respectively.)

Devo Spice performs regularly across the country at music clubs, comedy clubs, and science fiction conventions. He has shared the stage with Dr. Demento, MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and many others. The live show features videos and animations synchronized with the music resulting in a hilarious show that goes over very well with a variety of audiences.

Devo Spice has released several albums including Gnome Sane? (2009), a best of Sudden Death 2-CD collection called Rhythms from the Crypt (2013), a Doctor Who concept album titled I Am The Doctor (2014), and his most recent release Herp Derp Ya Don’t Sterp (2014). His music is available on iTunes, Amazon, and The FuMP (the Funny Music Project). For more information please visit


John Johnson

John JohnsonJohn Johnson shot his first film, Zap, in 1988, when he was eight years old. By the time he’d finished college, John had completed five feature length films, one television series (20 one-hour episodes), and 44 short films.

After finishing school, John went back to his old high school to teach videography for two semesters. This was a class that he had helped create with the School Board in 1995 as an independent study. The class then grew to have two full sessions of over 55 students.

Johnson, as well as being an award-winning writer, is now an award-winning filmmaker as well as the founder of Darkstone Entertainment, an independent film company based out of Charlottesville, VA.

Johnson has seven features now available all over the world. From FYE, Turner Classic Movies, and Amazon Prime to Netflix, Johnson’s films can be found worldwide on DVD and streaming. He has another eight features being released on these platforms in the next two years.

To this day, Johnson has completed over 169 films. His remake of Plan 9 is his most popular film yet and has been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, Fangoria, and on over 200 websites.

Also on the roster, Johnson is working on turning the cult video games The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour into a television series. Production of the series closed in late 2016.

Future work for Johnson includes House of Horrors—a monster mash up on a very dark and gritty scale pitting all of the famous monsters against one another, including Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, and the Mummy. House of Horrors is projected to start production in late 2018.


Fabian Rush

Fabian RushRVA native, Fabian Rush, is excited to make his third guest appearance at RavenCon this year. He’s still enjoying a long and successful career as a multi-talented artist/performer. After graduating from the VCU school of business at the top of his class in 2002, Fabian wrote, produced, directed, and starred in his first feature length horror film So Mort It Be, which, upon completion, was rapidly picked up for worldwide distribution.

Fabian’s passion for horror and science fiction fueled his desire to make more movies over the following years, gaining additional credits as production designer, visual effects coordinator, and director of photography. His subsequent film work—including the titles Dark Harvest, The Feeding, Pantheon Black, DWAM, and Alien Face Bashers—has been seen by audiences around the world. With a few appearances on the Syfy channel.

He is also the lead singer of the Richmond-based industrial metal band Synthetic Nightmare; a wild act in which he is known to don devil horns and wicked contact lenses. During the live shows, fans are transported to Hell as dancing girls blow fire and use power tools to shoot sparks into the audience.

Never resting, Fabian is now producing his next two horror films; Whitemeat, which promises to be his most shocking film to date, and Fhtagn: Rock Opera of Dooom, which is a hilarious heavy metal musical based on the mythos of HP Lovecraft.


Charming Underclothes

Charming Underclothes: Feature Presentations from Reel to Real


Charming Underclothes is a movie recreation performance group that brings films to life! Shadowcasting, as it’s called, is a midnight movie phenomenon that started with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, over forty years ago. We began conquering castles with our RHPS debut on February 26, 2016, in Roanoke, VA. Since then, we are now a traveling cast that expands our stage to Lynchburg and Charlottesville, and we also do conventions and special events throughout the year. During our runtime, we have expanded our celluloid dreams to other movies, such as The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and Clue. Every show we do is in costume, with props, and designed to give the viewers a very memorable experience with pre-show games and audience interactions. 

Charming Underclothes

Destini Beard

Destini Beard Destini is a rising star in the haunting and enchanted soundtrack and music venue. Destini’s background in vocals started in high school where she excelled as a lyrical Soprano 1 with a 3-4 octave voice. Destini has an emotive sound that mesmerizes all who listen to her. She was and is the youngest member of the world renown Susquehanna Valley Chorale.

In 2010, Destini released her EP album The Dark Masquerade with the horror soundtrack group Midnight Syndicate. She then produced a full-length album with the group in 2012 called A Time Forgotten.

Her song “Farewell Forever” was featured in the award-winning horror/soundtrack album from the 10th annual Rondo Hatton Awards.

In 2011, Destini was invited to her first international performance at the Svaneholm Slott castle in Sweden, and since then has been performing across the United States.

Her albums were featured on Rue Morgue radio, Dark Beauty Magazine, and are played nationwide on the award winning rock/metal radio show Rock Solid Pressure Show.

In 2014, Destini made the top 10 most popular digital album downloads from Amazon Music.

Destini teamed up with symphonic metal band Infinitus Mortus to release three singles, “Transcendence of Souls,” “Warrior Within,” and “Ascension.” “Transcendence of Souls” and “Ascension” won 1st place in an international artist competition through Talentcast.

In 2015, Destini was featured along with nine other top female metal singers to be featured on the cover of the Metal Female Voices Community’s 10th webzine issue, and ranked 18th in the international female singer competition.

Destini enjoys singing for theatrical soundtracks and looks forward to embracing more opportunities in this and other vocal commercial venues. She will be debuting her solo dark Celtic album Beyond the Forest Gates for 2016-17.


Jesters’ Ink

Jesters’ Ink is Richmond’s nationally touring, award-winning, comedy improv troupe. Amongst our troupe is our fearless leader Brian “OJ” Croxford, Jenny “The Companion” Hendrix, Michael “Scooter” Winslow, Kat “Dr. TaTa” Sinclair, Jesse “Fidget” Taylor, and Cori “Silence” Fischer. We are Jesters and we are ready to entertain you!