Dustin “Omni Voice” Beard

Dustin BeardDustin is a voice actor and YouTuber—under the name of Omni Voice—known for his creation of the Perfectly Normal web series for the popular game Warframe, as well as his narrations of famous Edgar Allen Poe works and many Creepypasta short stories.

Perfectly Normal is a comedy/satire web series or “Machinima” based on the popular videogame Warframe, featuring an overarching story of an aspiring reviewer whose career is hindered by a cast of various characters that impede his progress. All editing, story, dialogue, and voices of the characters are provided by Dustin himself.

Also featured on his YouTube channel are several narrations of famous works of Edgar Allen Poe, as well as many Creepypasta short horror stories including “Abandoned By Disney,” “11 Miles,” and “Tulpa.”

His YouTube channel is Omni Omega Voice (Omni Voice).

As a voice actor, Dustin provides voice work for various media; including narration, character voices, audio books, and commercial applications.

Website: http://www.omniomegavoiceover.com