Mike Massa

Mike MassaMike Massa has lived an adventurous life, including stints as Navy SEAL officer, an investment banker, and a technologist. He lived outside the US for several years, plus the usual deployments. Newly published in two Baen S/F anthologies, Mike is cowriting his first novel in John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising universe. Mike is married with three sons, who check daily to see if today is the day they can pull down the old lion. Not yet…


Christopher L. Smith

A native Texan by birth (if not geography), Chris moved “home” as soon as he could.

Attending Texas A+M​, he learned quickly that there was more to college than drinking beer and going to football games. He relocated to San Antonio, attending SAC and UTSA, graduating in late 2000 with a BA in Literature.

While there, he also met a wonderful lady who somehow found him to be funny, charming, and worth marrying. (She has since changed her mind on the funny and charming.)

Chris began writing in 2012​. His​​​ short stories​ have appeared in several anthologies​​: ​ “Bad Blood and Old Silver'”​(Luna’s Children: Stranger Worlds Anthology, Dark Oak Press​); “Isaac Crane and the Ancient Hunger” (Dark Corners Anthology, Fantom Enterprises); “200 Miles to Huntsville” (Black Tide Rising, Baen Books); and “What Manner of Fool” (Sha’Daa: Inked, Copper Dog Publishing).

His two cats allow him, his wife, their three kids, and two dogs to reside outside of San Antonio.


Kacey Ezell

Kacey EzellKacey Ezell is an active duty USAF helicopter pilot. When not beating the air into submission, she writes mil SF, SF, fantasy, noir, and horror fiction. She has stories in the Citizens and Black Tide Rising anthologies, as well as the upcoming Forged In Blood anthology set in the Freehold universe. She is currently collaborating with Christopher L. Smith and John Ringo on a series set in a new universe to be published by Baen Books. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and a pair of sociopathic cuddle monsters (aka cats).