Wicked Hips

Wicked Hips is an award-winning belly dance troupe from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The troupe was founded by Aela Badiana and has performed at numerous shows and conventions in the US and Europe. They bring a fun, fresh, and exciting spin on the ancient art of belly dance that includes fusing steampunk themes into their art.


Aela Badiana

Aela is a professional belly dancer that performs and teaches throughout the US and Europe. Performing for Turkish and Arabic audiences has provided the perfect opportunity to learn to improvise and perform to live music.

All of this experience has shaped not only her dance style, but her ability to teach others to dance. Her classes and workshops are always catered to the students’ needs and skill levels, yet still pushing them to their personal best while not neglecting safety for the body. Aela’s training and experience as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and wellness and nutrition counselor help her to address all aspects of physical fitness and well being. In her opinion, this is the foundation to becoming a skilled and inspiring dancer. Aela has taught and performed at such prestigious events such as the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, TribOriginal, Rakkasah East, the Down East Bellydance and Drum Festival, the Taksim in Berne Switzerland, the Deutsche Meistershaft and numerous studios throughout Europe.

Aela hosts Tribal Delight, an annual event that has evolved from a show and festival into a major theatrical production including storytelling, acting and belly dance in all it’s different styles.