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Joshua Werner

Joshua Werner is an author and illustrator working in multiple entertainment fields. He’s the author of books such as Rampant and Adoration for the Dead, and founder of the horror and sci-fi publisher Source Point Press, where he’s now Art

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Jessica Vanderpol

Jessica Vanderpol is an artist who specializes in children’s illustrations, sequential art (a fancy term for comics), and fine art in the fantasy/science fiction genres. From a young age, she’s been fixated on capturing the comical nature of cats on

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Heidi Hooper

Heidi Hooper is the Dryer Lint Lady—Believe it or Not. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s sculpture department, she later studied for her master’s at the University of California Long Beach and the Massachusetts College of Art. After cancer ate

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Ed Beard Jr.

Ed Beard Jr. has created art for over 1000 published products over the past 30-plus years. He is most recognized for his dragon art in the “Dragon Calendar”—distributed worldwide over the past ten years—plus wizards, fairies, horror and other mythological creatures, and subjects gracing the

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Mr. Cat

Kid’s Programming Campers is a fledgling educational media company run by Mr. Cat. Since October 2016, he has been releasing educational videos about spooky topics called Cat Investigates. He plans to add different shows in the near future as well. mailto:kids@ravencon.com  

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