Robert E WatersRobert E Waters has been writing and publishing stories since 2003, with his first publication in Weird Tales. Since then, he has published over thirty stories in various print and online magazines and anthologies, including e-Spec’s Weird Wild West and the Defending the Future Mil SF anthology series, Padwolf Publishing’s 13 series, and Eric Flint’s alternate history series, 1632/Ring of Fire, with several stories published in the online Grantville Gazette, and most recently in Baen Book’s Ring of Fire IV anthology. Robert’s first novel, The Wayward Eight: A Contract to Die For, was released in 2014 under the Zmok imprint, and is a “weird wild west” adventure set in the Wild West Exodus gaming universe. Robert lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife Beth, their son Jason, and their cat Buzz.