Rev. Chris AddottaSmith

Familiar to many, Chris has been around the Va. convention circuit for about 20 years. She attended SheVaCon when it was in Staunton. Then she moved to the peninsula and found MarsCon. She became ConSuite Co-Chair for many years. She eventually became Vice Chairman in 2015, and Chairman 2016. They sold out this hotel, without G.R.R. Martin! From there she found RavenCon, and Mysticon, too. She is certainly a local fan! However, to define a fan, one must define her passions. Chris has many things that quicken her heart! She loves being with people, and hates sleeves. She firmly believes in feeding the hungry, but dislikes shoes. She loves kids, and is forever in “teacher” mode! Pertaining to fandom, though, there are many things she loves.
Love: Burroughs’ Tarzan, McCaffrey’s PERN, Tolkien’s Middle Earth (including Silmarillion, etc…), Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, Washington Irving’s Sketchbook, God’s The Bible, Scott’s Ivanhoe, Mallory’s Le Morte d’Artur, and every other Arthurian story I could find!,
Love: Comic books- Tarzan, Classic Literature, Superman/Batman, Wonder Woman, Marvel Comics – especially Capt. America, Dr. Strange, Ka-Zar, Hawkman, Capt. Marvel et. al. (Black Adam), Daredevil, Thor, Alpha Flight, Wolverine, more…
Love: Gaming! Had an original box set of D&D! Played first/1.5 of AD&D for years. Played Gamma World, MERP, Star Wars (several tries of several incarnations) and Masquerade each when they were the hot new thing! Have DM/GM/ST’d all of them. Still meet every Wednesday at Retro Daddio (218 Monticello, Williamsburg) as my health allows, for AD&D.
Love: Media of any/all of the above! AND Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, SG-1, Harry Potter, Goth, Vampires, Werewolves, oh my!
Love: Costumes, costumed interpretation, Cosplay
Which all adds up to Chris loves Cons!!!!

I know a little bit about a lot of things.

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