Rev. Billy C. WirtzThe Rev writes:

Years ago, I aspired to be a cult figure in the entertainment world. I always dug cats like Bro. Dave Gardner, Lenny Bruce, and Lord Buckley. I wanted to combine old school Boogie Woogie piano with highbrow/lowbrow storylines. With songs like “Mennonite Surf Party,” “Roberta,” “Mama Was Deadhead” and a few dozen more, I’ve traveled the world Rockin’ on the Ivories and (hopefully) leaving them rolling in the aisles.

After several decades of touring, I still enjoy playing and also a syndicated radio show on NPR fills in my weekly dance card. Along the way I have developed a series of lectures that tell the story of Black music in America after WWII. Using Power Point and live music, the series is titled: “Your Roots Are Showing”. I’ll be bringing part one of the series: “Shake , Rattle and Roll” ( The Chitlin’ Circuit, WLAC and the Birth of Rock ‘N” Roll)” to RavenCon this year.