Querus Abuttu

Querus Abuttu, or “Dr. Q.,” is an award-winning author, retired U.S. Navy veteran, Board Certified Advanced Forensic Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife with a Ph.D. in Public Health and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She’s writes dark tales, twisted poetry, speculative bio-horror, and sci-fi that often center around environmental destruction and various forms of human (and non-human) violence. Querus also works as publisher, anthologist, and editor at Scary Dairy Press LLC. Her first novel in her Sapient Files series is titled Sapient Farm.

Querus has had several short stories published in a variety of online magazines and anthologies. When she’s not writing, Dr. Q. explores the wild forests and forgotten places of Virginia and hopes to capture local phantoms and aliens to make their stories her own. She loves hearing from readers and enjoys listening to their science fiction thoughts and ghost stories while sipping on a craft beer or hard cider in a local pub. She recently released an anthology, December 2018, titled Terror Politico (Horror in Politics). Stay on the lookout for the release of Querus Abuttu’s next book in the Sapient Files series, titled Blood Lotus, and her unique anthology, titled Bio-Nightmares, comprised of a group of short stories written by her and scientist Catrin Rutland. Both titles are scheduled for release in 2019. Follow Dr. Q. on Twitter @Querus_Abuttu and on her Facebook Author page at DrQAbuttu.