Otto Linke

I’m Otto.

I write things down. It’s cheeper than therapy and carries the vague chance of becoming a career one day. My books range from lighthearted adventure novels to dark, bloody thrillers set in the ruins of the modern world. Both make me equally happy.

The characters in my books are normal people. That is, they come in a range of ethnicities, genders, and sexualities, and I do my best to represent them all as fully developed humans. They also have a tendency to be grappling with psychological issues, complex relationships, and dark backgrounds. The more people I meet, the more I’m convinced that we’re all a little broken and the best way of putting ourselves back together is by sharing and connecting with each other, even if it’s through fiction.

My books include: The Oliver Lucas Adventures (five novels), Burning in the Void, Dyson’s Angel, and A Cold Day to Drown. You can hear and connect with me on my podcasts, What in Me is Dark and Pixel Wretches.