Artist GOH: Mark ClineMark Cline is a Virginia-based artist and entertainer. Inspired by monster and science fiction films, he produces foam and fiberglass figures and fantasy characters for attractions and cities.

Cline has described Foamhenge (a full-scale styrofoam replica of Stonehenge that can be currently found at Cox Farms in Centreville, Virginia) as his greatest achievement. He has also built hundreds of dinosaur statues, including thirty for his own Dinosaur Kingdom and nineteen for Dinosaur Land in White Post, Virginia, the park that inspired him to sculpt. Cline’s work appears in attractions across Virginia, including a concentration of works in and around Natural Bridge, where he works out of Enchanted Castle Studios. His studio appears in the book Weird Virginia and the Roadside America books and website.

He often displays creations on April Fools’ Day. Foamhenge was unveiled on April Fools’ Day 2004.

Cline was born in 1961 in Waynesboro, Virginia, where in 1987 he unsuccessfully lobbied the city council to erect a 60-foot bust of “Mad” Anthony Wayne atop the city’s capped landfill.

In his own words, “I couldn’t swear that I’m not nuts, naive—yes. Looking back, I have to wonder what was going on in the head of a 19-year-old who thought he could just go and open a monster museum and make a living at it. I had no training, no business sense, no connections, and no money. But I did have enthusiasm and lots of it. The ‘talent’ was raw but the sincerity was—and still is—genuine.”