Lexie Carver

Lexie Carver’s love of horror started in childhood after watching the TV show Goosebumps and grew from there. She watched her first horror film, a slasher, at the age of 11. She watches horror films, goes to horror film festivals, and surrounds herself with darkly included muses. Lexie is a feisty woman who loves indie rock and can’t function without at least one cup of black coffee. She has an adorable dog named Remy who is quite a handful. Lexie prides herself on being a woman, a feminist, and a horror writer—she offers no apologies, pulls no punches. Her poems and short stories are meant to hold up a mirror to the fears and secret longings of us all. A Fine Day for Murder, is a collection of horror short stories featuring demons, stalkers, evil clowns, vampires, murders and ghosts and more. Into the Dark, a collection of horror poetry features story poems of lost love, demons, psychotic lovers, stalkers, werewolves, vampires, toxic love, and murder. The poetry compilation also includes some of Lexie’s photography, all of which can be found on her website, lexiecarver.com. Follow her on Twitter @Lexie_Carver for horror movie recommendations. She has written 132 fanfics for the TV show Supernatural, over 80 of them about Crowley, the King of Hell. She is affectionately known on Tumblr as the Queen of Hell. It was through her love of that show and fanfic writing that she met some of her best friends. She looks forward to attending RavenCon and meeting new fans.