Cheryl JonesPromotions Director

“Starfleet utilized a little known reactivation clause. In other words, Admiral, they drafted me!” —Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Yes, this is how it all began. I, a past commander of the USS Chesapeake, was drafted by the current captain to join RavenCon.

I am Cheryl Lynn “Chessie” Jones, and I am the swag mistress for RavenCon. What does that entail? It means that I do advertising. Mostly, I acquire the items (pens, pencils, notepads, bookmarks, comics, etc.) that go into our “goodie bags” for the convention. I also handle the advertising sales for the con handbook. Plus, I maintain the swag tables at the convention. Email me if you want to advertise or send me goodies for our bags or the tables!