Hanne Madeleine Gates Paine

Hanne Madeleine is a book lover with a background in physics, computer science, and linguistics. She loves languages—natural and constructed—and everything to do with space. She hopes to one day go to graduate school in linguistics or astrophysics. Hanne Madeleine became an instant superfan of The Expanse after reading the novels, and organized the Save The Expanse team that helped rescue the show from cancellation with passionate fan organization and memorable stunts. She is also a moderator on the Expanse subreddit and Discord server—find her as “It Reaches Out” on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Hanne Madeleine has taught her workshop on Lang Belta, the creole language of The Expanse, at cons in the US, Canada, and Europe, and loves getting to see people discover and grow through language immersion.

Hanne Madeleine’s work typically involves computer programming and organizing people and systems. In her free time, she is one half of Paine×MacTane, a transcontinental duo creating ambitious projects from websites to popup bars, teaching Lang Belta, and producing a weekly series of character-inspired craft cocktails. She especially enjoys working with younger students and volunteered at an immersive space camp for kids for many years. She is currently working on learning to sing in public and accompany herself on the guitar, studying Quenya, Spanish, and Japanese, and discovering the secrets of New York and San Francisco, her two cities.