Emily Lavin Leverett

Emily Lavin Leverett is a writer, editor, and English professor. She is the co-editor of Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier and The Weird Wild West with Misty Massey and Margaret McGraw. Her first two novels, Changeling’s Fall and Winter’s Heir, co-written with Sarah Joy Adams will be followed in 2019 with Traitor’s Spring, the third novel in their contemporary fantasy faerie tale series The Eisteddfod Chronicles. Her short story, “Only the Young Die Good,” will appear in Tales from the Old Black Ambulance from Prospective Press in 2019. She is currently working on a new urban fantasy novel about a geriatric attorney set in Raleigh, NC and a historical fantasy novel about Marie de France and Bisclavret. Her scholarship focuses on the connection between Medieval English Romance and the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett. She lives in North Carolina with her spouse and their three cats, where they remain stalwart Carolina Hurricanes fans.