Ed Beard Jr. – Special Returning Art GOH

Beard_Ed Ed Beard Jr has created art for over 1000 published products over the past 30 plus years. His most recognized is dragon art for the “Dragon”
calendar” over the past 10 years distributed world wide, wizards, Fairies, horror and other mythological creature and subjects gracing the covers of magazines, books and novelty products..

You can find his works on: art prints, posters, T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, and collectibles. You will also find many of his works on custom
Hot Rods and Motorcycles from his early years and current work as an airbrush muralist for the industry over the past 33 years

Ed Beard Jr. is known in the gaming Industry for his over 100 cards in Magic the Gathering Collectible Card game, Tolkien art, lord of the Rings and the Hobbit art, Dungeon
and Dragon’s art, T-shirts from the Mountain Corporation, Skinit lap top, cell phone and electronic device covers designs, Jigsaw puzzles and many other licensed products.

Ed also has been a teacher for the past 20 years and has several airbrush and painting demo video’s on his websites. To learn more about Ed’s diverse career visit www.edbeardjr.com as well as his automotive murals at www.edbeardjr.com/automurals.html

Ed will also be bringing the DragonLord Van with him to RavenCon this year. The DragonLord won the Best Mural Award in the 41st Van Nationals.


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