Declan Finn

Declan Finn is the author of books ranging from thrillers to urban fantasy to sci-fi. In 2016, his book Honor at Stake was a Dragon Award Finalist for Best Horror. In 2017, he was a finalist in both best horror (for Live and Let Bite) and apocalyptic (for Codename: UnSub).

Finn is one of a legion of writers over at The Catholic Geeks blog (a legion, for we are many). Other books he has written includes the comedy-thriller It Was Only on Stun! where he blows up a sci-fi convention (no, not this one). The sequel is Set to Kill, a novel that spun off of his parody, Sad Puppies Bite Back.

He co-authored the science fiction espionage novel Codename: Winterborn, and Codename: UnSub. However, he is most proud of his Pius trilogy and his Love at First Bite quartet—both rereleased by Silver Empire Press. His most recent releases include the Saint Tommy, NYPD series.

Finn also hosts the Catholic Geek Radio show, and can be found wherever someone is starting trouble.