Dave Harlequin is a professional writer, editor, journalist, producer, and entertainment personality from Charlotte, NC. He is the Editor in Chief of Nerd Nation Magazine, a digital “nerd culture and entertainment” publication, as well as the co-founder of Tri-Force Entertainment, a film production and live-event promotion company.

A man of many talents, Harlequin has written and produced over half a dozen films, including his most recent award-winning short film The Devil’s Lettuce, and the award-winning Doctor Who fan film: Doctor Who: Lucky 13, and has written over a dozen published short stories and novellas, many of which have been included in various anthology collections, with his latest writing effort being the Malkavian chapter of the new Vampire: The Masquerade: Endless Ages.

Additionally, Harlequin serves on the awards committee for the annual Fright Meter Film Awards, hosts various film festivals, and serves as the host for both the popular iTV series Booze of the Week, and author of the highly popular column “The Gonzo Report” on Cinema Slasher. In his free time (what little he gets) he enjoys cooking, gaming, comic book collecting, and craft beer brewing.