Charming Underclothes is a movie recreation performance group that brings films to life! Shadowcasting, as it’s called, is a midnight movie phenomenon that started with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We began conquering castles with our RHPS debut on February 26, 2016, in Roanoke, VA. Since then, we have become a traveling cast that expands our stage to Lynchburg and Charlottesville, and we also do conventions and special events throughout the year. During our runtime, we have expanded our celluloid dreams to other movies, such as The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Clue, and Hocus Pocus. Every show we do is in costume, with props, and is designed to give the viewers a memorable experience with exciting pre-show games and audience interactions.

Cast Bios

I play the role of Rocky and Stripping Crim for Charming Underclothes and performed Trixxie, Crim, and Dr. Scott since 2011 in Washington, DC before moving to Roanoke in 2015. I also run registration for Mysticon. I am into tabletop gaming and WOW. While not performing I am in school, reading, or watching tv.

Mourning Star
Mourning Star started out as a security guard in 2016 where he met his wife-to-be. He quickly moved into the role of Rocky and then was thrown into the role of Brad. He moved up in the ranks to become a Co-Director and one of the Faces of Cast on Facebook. When not performing he is collecting Pops and playing WoW.

O. Hai
O. Hai is a pop culture fan who has been doing the time warp, alone in his basement, for years. Now he teaches it as Crim in Charming Underclothes.

It was great when it all began… in 2005, being introduced to Rocky Horror (and thrown on stage as Magenta) by the Cepheid Variable cast at Texas A&M University as a not-so-innocent freshman. Since then I have spent my years time warping with Los Bastardos of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, contemplating the Tolls of Madness in Blacksburg, VA, and acting as Co-Director of the Charming Underclothes in Roanoke, VA. When not indulging in the sins of the flesh, I am a book devourer, mountain climber, strategic gamer, and avid pet snuggler.

Syrinx first took the stage in 2005, when he joined The Fishnet Mafia, a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast in Columbus, OH. He started out as The Criminologist and a year later took on the role of Riff Raff. In 2009, he joined the on-air personalities of Nyte’s Realm Radio, an internet radio station. It was here that Syrinx got to debut his weekly DJ mixshow. He also went on to create his own show, The Geeks Come Out At Night—a weekly fandom-based talk show that featured geeky celebrities. In 2010, he moved over to Sobel Nation Radio and his mixshows joined the weekly timeslots alongside DJs From Mars, Ford, Jerome Farley, and others. Syrinx moved to Roanoke, VA, in 2011 and in 2012 he volunteered to help run MystiCon. Soon after, he created the Music Department for the convention and has been booking bands since 2013. In 2015, another dream came true when he founded Charming Underclothes. Since then, they became the first cast to ever perform The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (using the actual Mutant head from the movie). Syrinx is still a DJ and remixer and is now signed to Tigersquawk Records. He is one of the live members for The Gothsicles and is the beats and samples master for Khionik. He recently made the transition from stage to screen in a couple roles for Darkstone Entertainment. Syrinx is “The Peruser” in the upcoming 7th Guest: The Series and is one the Varients in the movie Rifters, due out soon.

Wednesday Mourning
I felt released at my first Rocky show at the age of 18. I joined up with the Transylvanian Concubines in Fairfax last year and became their “Slut” within months. I then moved down to Roanoke just to become part of the Charming Underclothes cast. I enjoy cooking shows and reading as well as cosplaying. I may look sweet and innocent but looks are deceiving.

Charming Underclothes