Joe Wetmore

Joe WetmoreJoe Wetmore is one of the hosts of the YouTube channel Instant Replay Live. Together, with his brother, they reconnect after living in separate states for about ten years and now tell stories and catch-up while gaming!


Kyle Cawthon

Kyle CawthonTrouble Planet is a YouTube channel that performs sketch comedy and an arcade show called, Mom Can I Have Another Dollar where we put in one dollar to see how far we can get. We explore a lot of popular games from the 80s and 90s that were in available in public arcades, as well as extremely bizarre and obscure games that should never have existed.

The group consists of Keith, Kyle, and Nick who met in 2010 while serving overseas in South Korea, where they started working on sketch comedy videos. Although now all three live thousands of miles from one another, they all try to meet up every several months to record more episodes of MCIHAD in a compressed session. So check them out, they even take requests. Kyle is excited to be representing Trouble Planet at this year’s RavenCon.


Instant Replay Live

Instant Replay Live is a YouTube channel hosted by brothers Nick Nundahl and Joe Wetmore. Reconnecting after living in separate states for nearly ten years, Nick and Joe tell stories and catch-up while playing video games, making skits, or even rolling dice in tabletop RPGs. Join them and other friends at for new content every other day!

Nick Nundahl: Instant Replay LiveJoe Wetmore: Instant Replay Live

Dustin “Omni Voice” Beard

Dustin BeardDustin is a voice actor and YouTuber—under the name of Omni Voice—known for his creation of the Perfectly Normal web series for the popular game Warframe, as well as his narrations of famous Edgar Allen Poe works and many Creepypasta short stories.

Perfectly Normal is a comedy/satire web series or “Machinima” based on the popular videogame Warframe, featuring an overarching story of an aspiring reviewer whose career is hindered by a cast of various characters that impede his progress. All editing, story, dialogue, and voices of the characters are provided by Dustin himself.

Also featured on his YouTube channel are several narrations of famous works of Edgar Allen Poe, as well as many Creepypasta short horror stories including “Abandoned By Disney,” “11 Miles,” and “Tulpa.”

His YouTube channel is Omni Omega Voice (Omni Voice).

As a voice actor, Dustin provides voice work for various media; including narration, character voices, audio books, and commercial applications.



Nickie Jamison

Nickie JamisonNickie Jamison is a pseudonym for Ora J. McGuire. Ora wrote her first full-length novel at age ten—that creative endeavor sparked the desire to pursue a career in writing. Her stories dabble in, and blend, many different genres; science fiction, fantasy, romance, contemporary, poetry, and horror. Ora’s hobbies include knitting, drinking copious amounts of wine, Netflix binge-watching, and vlogging about life and makeup on her YouTube channel. She is a graduate of Old Dominion University (Creative Writing, Class of 2006) and lives in Hampton Roads with her darling husband, step-teenager, and two spoiled furbabies, #thecatwecalljayne and #KAYLEEsmallFRYE. You can find her on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and Tumblr @oopswrongcookie.

Angela Pritchett

Angela PritchettAngela Pritchett is an actress, author, musician, costumer, podcaster, and makeup artist. She has been seen in films such as Plan 9, The Porkchop film trillogy, Pig Girl, and many others.

Angela is an avid cosplayer and has been making her own costumes for the last 17 years. Her costumes have been featured in the Wahington Post, as well as various Japanese magazines and coffee table books.

Angela is the author of Shut Up and Eat! The Unofficial Doctor Who Cookbook Series, she has also been featured in numerous short story anthologies and books with essays on different topics in fandoms.

She also plays covers of geeky music on the ukulele on her YouTube channel Angela Plays Ukulele. Angela went to UNC Greensboro and has a BS in Music Education and a Masters in Liberal Studies and Ethnomusicology. She does the podcasting segment “A Geek Girls Take” that can be heard weekly on the Earth Station One Network, and when she has free time she spends it sewing or playing with her Pugs. You can find her online at: