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The Rebel Legion is a Star Wars-based costuming fan club. The Rebel Legion’s members create and wear costumes of the hero characters from the Star Wars saga, which includes—but is not limited to—the films, comics, books, games, and television shows based on the Star Wars saga.

Although started in the United States, the Legion is now an international club that encompasses multiple nations worldwide and has become the premier Rebel costuming group in the Star Wars community. Since the Legion’s inception it has been a volunteer club of costume enthusiasts who can enjoy, express, and share their interest of costuming with others in the fan community.

Rebel Legion



MrShirtMrShirt has worked conventions from coast to coast and even internationally. He’s been everything from a volunteer to a Worldcon Division Head, and even chaired a convention or two… or three or four. If you ask nicely, he may even tell you why he’s called MrShirt.

He’s insane, but he’s getting better. He’s been taking a break from non-stop con running, but it won’t last. He’ll be running cons again. In the meantime, he volunteers to work for the occasional convention.


Stacey Helton

Originally from San Diego, where she worked on several cons in Southern California, she moved to Pennsylvania after marrying an East Coast fan and is now working on various cons on the East Coast. She has done Publications for numerous conventions on both coasts, chaired Conjecture 2008 and Lunacon 2010 and 2012, Hotel Liaison for Lunacon 2009-2014, Deputy Department Head for the Con Suite at Renovation, Deputy Department Head for the Staff Den at Denvention 3, and ran the Hugo Losers’ Party at Chicon 7 on behalf of LoneStarCon 3.


Carol Cowles

Carol CowlesCarol has long been a guardian of Geek Culture in Charlotte. She is Carol the Cat on the Guardians of the Geekery podcast and CJ on the Out of Our Skull podcast.

She served for several years as the Program Director for ConCarolinas and worked the Carolina and Arizona Renaissance Festivals for a large section of her life. She also is known for her fabulous crafting and ferocious literary appetite.

Her fandoms include all things Tolkien, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and skulls—lots of skulls. If she is not crafting, reading or podcasting, she is probably in a movie theater, as that seems to be her second home. To find out more, visit her at


Sandra J. Baldari

Sandra J. BaldariSandra J. Baldari grew up watching sci-fi and fantasy shows and movies, she found comic books in high school, and worked at a comic book store as she made her way through university. She attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO, and received her B.S. in Journalism. After the daily grind of working at newspapers she now works as a substitute teacher. In her spare time she reads several genres; including steampunk, cozy mysteries, and sci-fi/fantasy; writes book reviews; and enjoys crafting things.


Chris AddottaSmith

Rev. Chris AddottaSmithFamiliar to many, Chris AdottaSmith has been active on the Virginia convention circuit for about twenty years. She attended SheVaCon when it was still in Staunton. Then she moved to the peninsula and found MarsCon where she ran the Con Suite for several years. She eventually moved up to Vice Chair in 2015, and Chair in 2016. From there she found RavenCon (where she ran Children’s Programming for three years) and Mysticon, too.

Chris is certainly a local fan. However, to define a fan, one must define her passions. Chris has many things that quicken her heart… She loves being with people, and hates sleeves. She firmly believes in feeding the hungry, but dislikes shoes. She loves kids, and is forever in “teacher” mode!

Pertaining to fandom there are many things she loves: Reading (Tarzan, Pern, Middle Earth, The Chronicles of Prydain, anything Arthurian), comics (Classics Illustrated, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Ka-Zar, Hawkman, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Thor, Alpha Flight, Wolverine), media (Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate: SG-1, Harry Potter) and gaming (Gamma World, MERP, Vampire: The Masquerade). Chris had an original box set of Dungeons and Dragons and played AD&D for years.

Which all adds up to Chris loves cons!

James Iagulli

James is a born collector. From games to action figures, he’s seen a lot and is willing to share his experience with like-minded people.


Kelly Lockhart

Kelly Lockhart has been a regular presence on the convention scene since he was a teenager back in the mid-80s. Over the years, he has done a little bit of everything in fandom: running costume contests, art shows, consuites, computer gaming rooms, working with the media, helping out with parades, overseeing convention operations, co-chairing a Worldcon bid, serving on multiple con committees, and being a panelist and moderator on countless panels.

Professionally, he is the managing editor for an alternative weekly newspaper back home in Chattanooga as well as a consulting editor for Baen Books. Additionally, he is the founder of both the very popular Robot Battles competitions and the Southern Fandom Resource Guide online convention calendar.

In 2008, he was presented with the Rebel Award at the DeepSouthCon for lifetime service to Southern Fandom. He has also been awarded with a Murrow Award (named after legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow) for excellence in broadcast journalism, several Associated Press journalism awards, and a display case full of Addy awards for both radio and print advertising design.

While he now works almost exclusively in print, he has spent the better part of the last thirty years working in radio and television, as well as dabbling now and then in theater and film as an actor, director, composer and screenwriter, though thankfully not all at the same time.

An active presence on social media, he spends his limited amount of free time writing and performing original music around his hometown, trying to herd his five cats, playing an occasional round of golf (badly), and continuing his lifelong quest to find the perfect brand of whiskey.

He also is rumored to own more tropical shirts than Weird Al Yankovic, as he is almost never seen not wearing one.


Chris Shrewsbury

Chris Shrewsbury (Rolling Thunder Cosplay) has been panelist, guest, and staff at conventions for thirty years.

Studying at Liberty University, he became a nationally certified sign language interpreter, working in entertainment, education, and public service. He’s also taught hearing and hearing-impaired students at pre-school through university levels.

Recently Chris has developed a severe neurological condition, spending increasing amounts of time wheelchair-bound and requiring amputation and other procedures. As a tirelessly vocal advocate and encourager of the disabled, many of his cosplays incorporate his disability, such as his detailed mobile replica of the TARDIS built around his wheelchair, earning first prize in the Doctor Who division at NC Comicon.

In addition to cosplay, Chris is an avid convention guest, panelist, writer, prop fabricator, costume judge, and is currently volunteer staff at Fayetteville ComicCon and RavenCon, as well as originating Accessibility Services at Animazement. His boundless sense of humor and genuine love for all things geek make him a very popular con guest and panelist.