Charming Underclothes

Charming Underclothes: Feature Presentations from Reel to Real


Charming Underclothes is a movie recreation performance group that brings films to life! Shadowcasting, as it’s called, is a midnight movie phenomenon that started with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, over forty years ago. We began conquering castles with our RHPS debut on February 26, 2016, in Roanoke, VA. Since then, we are now a traveling cast that expands our stage to Lynchburg and Charlottesville, and we also do conventions and special events throughout the year. During our runtime, we have expanded our celluloid dreams to other movies, such as The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and Clue. Every show we do is in costume, with props, and designed to give the viewers a very memorable experience with pre-show games and audience interactions. 

Charming Underclothes

Misbehavin’ Maidens

Misbehavin' MaidensThe Misbehavin’ Maidens are a bawdy nerd-folk band comprised of four women from the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area with a love of feminist, sex-positive music, LGBTQIA+ representation, parodies, drinking, and fandom references for the 18+ geek crowd.

Performing in cosplay, pirate garb, and occasionally plain clothes, the group can be found at local theme bars and fandom conventions all across the country, entertaining those who are young at heart, but who have their minds in the gutter. The group has performed at Dragon Con, RavenCon, Wicked Faire, Nauticons, D.C./Baltimore area burlesque and variety shows, and local theme bars. They are very pleased and excited to be returning to RavenCon this year!

The band, which began rehearsing together in late 2012 and performed in public together for the first time in May of 2013, consists of four members: Flint Locke, “Lucky” Annie LeBlanc, Madame Rouge, and Saber Tompson. While all of the ladies come from a “pirate” background, they embrace a wide range of subcultures, offering musical tributes to everything from steampunk to anime.

After a wildly successful Kickstarter, their debut, independently-released album, Busted, was released August 15, 2015, and their second album, Sloppy Seconds, was released April 11, 2017. Both albums and the rest of their merch will be available in the vendor hall at their table. Make sure to drop by and say hello. 


Dustin “Omni Voice” Beard

Dustin BeardDustin is a voice actor and YouTuber—under the name of Omni Voice—known for his creation of the Perfectly Normal web series for the popular game Warframe, as well as his narrations of famous Edgar Allen Poe works and many Creepypasta short stories.

Perfectly Normal is a comedy/satire web series or “Machinima” based on the popular videogame Warframe, featuring an overarching story of an aspiring reviewer whose career is hindered by a cast of various characters that impede his progress. All editing, story, dialogue, and voices of the characters are provided by Dustin himself.

Also featured on his YouTube channel are several narrations of famous works of Edgar Allen Poe, as well as many Creepypasta short horror stories including “Abandoned By Disney,” “11 Miles,” and “Tulpa.”

His YouTube channel is Omni Omega Voice (Omni Voice).

As a voice actor, Dustin provides voice work for various media; including narration, character voices, audio books, and commercial applications.



Destini Beard

Destini Beard Destini is a rising star in the haunting and enchanted soundtrack and music venue. Destini’s background in vocals started in high school where she excelled as a lyrical Soprano 1 with a 3-4 octave voice. Destini has an emotive sound that mesmerizes all who listen to her. She was and is the youngest member of the world renown Susquehanna Valley Chorale.

In 2010, Destini released her EP album The Dark Masquerade with the horror soundtrack group Midnight Syndicate. She then produced a full-length album with the group in 2012 called A Time Forgotten.

Her song “Farewell Forever” was featured in the award-winning horror/soundtrack album from the 10th annual Rondo Hatton Awards.

In 2011, Destini was invited to her first international performance at the Svaneholm Slott castle in Sweden, and since then has been performing across the United States.

Her albums were featured on Rue Morgue radio, Dark Beauty Magazine, and are played nationwide on the award winning rock/metal radio show Rock Solid Pressure Show.

In 2014, Destini made the top 10 most popular digital album downloads from Amazon Music.

Destini teamed up with symphonic metal band Infinitus Mortus to release three singles, “Transcendence of Souls,” “Warrior Within,” and “Ascension.” “Transcendence of Souls” and “Ascension” won 1st place in an international artist competition through Talentcast.

In 2015, Destini was featured along with nine other top female metal singers to be featured on the cover of the Metal Female Voices Community’s 10th webzine issue, and ranked 18th in the international female singer competition.

Destini enjoys singing for theatrical soundtracks and looks forward to embracing more opportunities in this and other vocal commercial venues. She will be debuting her solo dark Celtic album Beyond the Forest Gates for 2016-17.


Jesters’ Ink

Jesters’ Ink is Richmond’s nationally touring, award-winning, comedy improv troupe. Amongst our troupe is our fearless leader Brian “OJ” Croxford, Jenny “The Companion” Hendrix, Michael “Scooter” Winslow, Kat “Dr. TaTa” Sinclair, Jesse “Fidget” Taylor, and Cori “Silence” Fischer. We are Jesters and we are ready to entertain you!


DJ Drae

DJ DraeDJ Drae has been spinning since 2005. He has entertained at club nights such as The Dawning and Umlaut. He is currently one of the house DJs for the goth club Goth Night in Charlottesville. He has been the host of Les Temps Per Due on WNRN since 2005. He has also entertained at RavenCon since 2010, as well as other sci-fi conventions. 


Paradox Machine

For over five years, Paradox Machine has been rocking out to your favorite geeky tunes. Whether Firefly, Doctor Who, Super Mario, or Zelda, we have it on tap. So pack your bowties, polish your wands, and power up your hyperdrives, because Paradox Machine is coming.


Wicked Hips

Wicked Hips is an award-winning belly dance troupe from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The troupe was founded by Aela Badiana and has performed at numerous shows and conventions in the US and Europe. They bring a fun, fresh, and exciting spin on the ancient art of belly dance that includes fusing steampunk themes into their art.


Aela Badiana

Aela is a professional belly dancer that performs and teaches throughout the US and Europe. Performing for Turkish and Arabic audiences has provided the perfect opportunity to learn to improvise and perform to live music.

All of this experience has shaped not only her dance style, but her ability to teach others to dance. Her classes and workshops are always catered to the students’ needs and skill levels, yet still pushing them to their personal best while not neglecting safety for the body. Aela’s training and experience as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and wellness and nutrition counselor help her to address all aspects of physical fitness and well being. In her opinion, this is the foundation to becoming a skilled and inspiring dancer. Aela has taught and performed at such prestigious events such as the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, TribOriginal, Rakkasah East, the Down East Bellydance and Drum Festival, the Taksim in Berne Switzerland, the Deutsche Meistershaft and numerous studios throughout Europe.

Aela hosts Tribal Delight, an annual event that has evolved from a show and festival into a major theatrical production including storytelling, acting and belly dance in all it’s different styles.