RavenCon is always being contacted by writers, artists, vendors, participants, and volunteers looking to come to the convention. We start compiling our guest list for the following year throughout the summer, and finalize it in August.  Apply early, as our guest list will fill up fast! However, it’s never too late. We are always looking at new talent! If you think you have something special, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We require that all guests commit to a minimum of three (3) hours of programming. We expect and require that our guests be available for programming during the hours that the convention is running (Friday at 3pm until Sunday at 4pm.) All guest applications that are accepted,  will be entitled to two weekend passes; one must be used by the guest whom was accepted. It goes without saying that we expect our guests to adhere to the same convention rules as our attendees and staff.

Application submission does NOT guarantee that you will become a guest of RavenCon, this is your first step. We will review applications, and if yours is accepted, we will give you formal, clear notification.