Artist Alley

In addition to our Dealers’ Room, RavenCon is proud to feature a separate Artist & Author Alley. Here you’ll find a wide array of small press authors, comic creators, and freelance artists all displaying and selling their own unique creations.


Convention hours for Artist & Author Alley:

Friday: 3pm-9pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 10am- 3pm


Check out our Artists and Authors for our Alley in Richmond (September 21-23 2018):

Chris A Jackson

JD Jordan

Kandiman’s Cyber Supplies

Katika Schneider, Author

Leslie E Heath, Fantasy Author

Luguardio Studio

Meddlesome Art

O Amanda Panda

Sarah Miller Creations

Specters Anonymous



You can apply to the Alley for either of our events at the following links: