The Gaming Room never closes! 

Gaming at RavenCon is a big part of our convention. Such a part that the game room never closes. It’s open 24-7 for all the avid gamers. You will find every type of game and gamer represented the game room. From the novice to the experience gamer from the hardcore to the casual.

You will also find games hosted by our sponsors. Many new games have appear and have been play tested at RavenCon so keep your eyes open for a one of a kind opportunity.

Game representing vary from table to table. You will find role playing games(RPG) such as Dungeons&Dragons, Shadowrun, White Wolf Games, Call of Cathulu, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, or Pathfinder. Card games such as Magic the Gathering and Munitions are common.  Epic miniature games such as Battle Tech and Star Wars X-Wing are crowd pleasing games as fun to view as they are to play. There are amazing board games such as Settler of Catan, Carcassonne, and you will even find people battling it out over classic Chess!

RavenCon 2014 Gaming Descriptions

RavenCon 2014 Gaming Schedule