Dealers' Room

RavenCon always strives to have a varied Dealers’ Room filled with interesting and unique vendors. You will find a wide array of goods, including: books, costumes and costuming accessories, games, jewelry, craft items, t-shirts, plushies, pop culture items, artwork, and more books!

2017 Vendors

Here’s a list of the amazing vendors we had in 2017. Let us know who you’d like to see back in 2018!

  • A Geek & Her Machine: a custom sewing studio based out of Williamsburg, Virginia. Her superpower is sewing. She can take simple materials and turn them, like magic, into creations that can shock and awe.
  • A Steampunked Life: artists and creators of all things steampunk. They make one of a kind and custom goggles, pocket watches, jewelry, hats, bags, masks, and canes. Check them out on Facebook!
  • Atlantis Games & Comics: your one-stop destination for comics, cards, games, and good times. (Don’t forget to pick up your set of RavenCon dice at their booth before you leave the convention!)
  • Bead Weavera family-owned company that makes and sells hand-crafted jewelry.
  • Brianne Sew Crafty: high- quality embroidery pillows, bags, shirts, and toys. Check her out on Facebook!
  • Catlore Design: Artwork (prints, posters) bookmarks, postcards, and buttons. (Who doesn’t love buttons?)
  • Cover Dem BonesPirate clothing and accessories! Commission work is always accepted!
  • The Dragon’s Hoard: A among store that carries European-style board games, collectible and living card games, dice, gaming and hobby supplies, war gaming, fantasy and modern miniatures, and hobby rocket kits!
  • Dynamic Accessories: Creating cute and simple things. For nerds.
  • Ed Beard Jr: One of our guests of honor, Ed has been creating dragons, monsters, wizards, and other fantastic beasts for over 30 years!
  • Emizart: Magically summoning fantastic creatures (Dragons!) from polymer clay.
  • Fabrication Designs: creates hand-made pillows and specialty signs. Check them out on Facebook!
  • Falstaff Books is a digital and print publishing company based in Charlotte, NC dedicated to bringing to life the best in fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and dramatic literature.
  • Fantasy Paranormal Authors: books by Charity Ayers, Toi Thomas, and Jim McDonald
  • Hungarian Wand Shop: is a family shop that hand-crafts each item into a unique, one of a kind treasure. They specialize in Wooden Magic Wands and Wand specialty items.
  • In A Cat’s Eye: is a e-commerce store & paper catalog that comes from a long tradition of helping other kittens and cats. They strive to find the best and most unique items for cat lovers and then donate a percentage of their proceeds to help Feline Organizations.
  • La Wren’s Nestis a family-owned business, which began in 1997 making custom wool cloaks. Since their beginning they have gradually expanded to include historically-accurate Scottish, Celtic, Viking, Classical and Medieval period clothing, arms and armor, cloaks and clasps, historical jewelry, circlets, tapestries, accessories and many quality gift items.
  • Mirror Maskerade: is an artisan shop creating masks, horns, fans, LARP props, 3D journals, hairfalls, fairy clips, wands and staves.
  • Misbehavin’ Maidens: a mixed a capella/folk band, and one of our guests of honor!
  • Mystik  Waboose: helps you wear your geek on the street- bringing tee shirts and buttons to a place near you!
  • Mocha Memoirs Press: Their vision is to provide an outlet for outstanding speculative and romance stories that often fall beneath the radar of traditional publishing houses. We seek to provide quality stories that invigorate the reader’s literary palette like a good, strong coffee. Like great coffee houses, we offer a variety of flavors. We don’t just serve our coffee black.
  • Natural Selection: hand-sculpted fantasy and natural history creations such as wizards, fairies, trolls and dinosaurs.
  • Oakley’s Gently Used Books selling carefully selected used books since 1995.
  • Old Earth Books: a small press publisher carrying an assortment of new, used, imported and some just plain strange books.
  • Orielis’ Books: quality used, collectible, and vintage science fiction and fantasy books in both paperback and hardcover.
  • Red Fish Rue Fish is a small creative operation based in Alexandria, VA.  In addition to interesting accessories and decor, they offer Northern Virginia’s original (and only!) Button Booth which includes a Design Your Own Button station and onsite photo button service.
  • Retro Daddio: is Williamsburg, Virginia’s one-stop geek shop! Check out their booth for a wide selection of fandom merchandise; and, if you want to stop into their store in town you will see a wide variety of all of that plus art, cd’s, vinyl records, and lots more!
  • Sakura Sisters: is a home-based, self-funded arts and crafts business dedicated to bringing fantastic anime themed items to the general public.
  • Secret Springs Studio: creating one of a kind, unique polymer clay masks from leaves, aluminum wire jewelry, and painted miniatures.
  • Space Monkeys Down: illustration prints, coloring books and miniatures based off their role-playing game!
  • Specters Anonymous: a series of funny fantasy novels, based in Richmond. 
  • Spinner’s End Studio:  hand-spun yarns from natural or dyed fleeces, hand-knit items, jewelry for you or your knitting, and fine woodwork items such as drop spindles, sleying hooks, orifice hooks, lucets and more.
  • Studio Arethusa: creates unique and geeky felt applique pillow covers, and, more notably, ten foot giant squids, and fleece squid hats!
  • Tangent Artists: the creators of web comics “Donuts for Looking,” “Skeleton Crew,” and “CRIT!” Lots of fun stuff available at their booth!
  • Tempie Wade: a corsetiere and maker of crossbody bags, including a line of bags just the right size for kids and teens/young adults
  • Walt’s Cards: games, gaming supplies and whatever you need to bring the fun.
  • Wrapped Temptations creates sterling silver wrapped pendants and ear wraps, and will also be doing henna tattoo!


Our Vendor Application for 2018 will open until November 15. Beat the rush, apply early!