Dealers' Room

RavenCon always strives to have a varied Dealers’ Room filled with interesting and unique vendors. You will find a wide array of goods, including: books, costumes and costuming accessories, games, jewelry, craft items, t-shirts, plushies, pop culture items, artwork, and more books!

Our 2018 Vendors:

Addie’s Arts

Amber Cove PublishingScience fiction and fantasy stories that entertain. 

Atlantis Games & Comics Board games, card games, role playing games, and party games! Not to mention collectibles and Funko Pops!

atmoSpheres Specializing in crystal balls, crystal skulls and crystal jewelry!

Arachne’s MuseHenna and glitter body art. 

Big Bob’s Little Knife ShopSwords! Knives! Sharp pointy things!

Brianne Sew CraftyHigh quality embroidered fabric arts with a geeky twist!

The Charlottesville Speculative Society- a central virginia author co-op selling the fiction books and limited edition merchandise of their members.

Copper Dog Publishinga small, independent press, located in Louisville, CO. They consist of three imprints: MoonDream Press for science fiction, fantasy and horror, Pumpkin Hill Press for works for children, and Racket River Press for mainstream poetry.

Creativity Out Of Context Art and Performance CollectiveAn art collective with pieces ranging from fine arts to jewelry, to reclaimed and repurposed items with a geeky theme. Check out their Facebook page!

The Cursing Dog Nerdy pottery from a whacky guy. Check them out on Facebook!

Delia Le Fay’s Offerings An eclectic mix of Gothic, Steampunk, Renfaire and Belly Dance scale and chainmaille jewelry. Check them out on etsy!

The Dragon’s HoardEuropean-style board games, collectible and living card games, gaming and hobby supplies, and dice… Oh my goodness the most wonderful DICE! 

EmizArt Dragonlings: hand-made magical dragons that will melt your heart. Check out her Etsy page!

Falstaff BooksPublisher of science fiction and fantasy literature. Selling books by John Hartness, Darin Kennedy, Ed Schubert, Emily Lavin Leverett, and anthologies with stories from Seanan McGuire, Faith Hunter, Laura Ann Gilman, and David B. Coe.

Fancy That Costuming- Fancy That specializes in vintage ladies hats, vintage hats upcycled for cosplay, and gentleman’s new and upcycled hats. There are also other new and vintage accessories and clothing including gloves, bustiers, amd goggles! Limited orders for custom costumes accepted. Check them out on FaceBook!

Fantaminals- She designs and creates free-standing, inter-locking jigsaw puzzles in unique forms such as dragons, dinosaurs, and even carousel animals!

Flame Bilyue, Artist– Jewelry made from sculpted, recycled paper, and original art, prints, and cards. 

Golden Fleece Press- Selling books from Virginia authors whom they publish and handmade fandom bookmarks.

Gothic Apothecary- Selling custom-made hunter kits crafted from antiques and other hand-crafted items, and vintage costume pieces. Accessorize your costume and your LARP! Check them out on etsy!

Mystik Waboose- Tee shirts: licensed tees from Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Firefly and more; geeky science tee shirts,  and hoodie jackets. Don’t forget your mad scientist lab coat! And, of course, geeky buttons! The best geeky shirts and wearables around! Check out their Facebook page!

Natural Selection-Hand-made fantasy and natural history sculptures such as wizards, elves, trolls, fairies, dinosaurs, and insects.

Oakley’s Gently Used Books- Oakley’s customizes their selection for every show. (That’s right- it’s never the same!) Books are carefully selected from over 5000 used science fiction and fantasy books, while science, history, and mythology are added in  to their mix, in accorandance with the guests and programming. 

Of The Round Table Children’s leather and wooden armor as well as adult cosplay accessories including: wooden swords and shields, leather helmets, and wooden and leather armor.

Old Earth BooksGently loved and used books, and even some signed books- by people like Neil Gaiman.

Orielis’ Books-a wide variety of quality used and collectible science fiction na fantasy books, both hardcover and paperback. Collections include vintage/ old masters, military sci-fi, space opera, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, steampunk, and more!

Pandara Polaris Handmade Butterfly jewelry and accessories. Check out their Etsy shop!

Red Fish Rue Fish Unique metal bracelets and keychains (which can be customized on site!), buttons, and button based accessories featuring original art work, magnets, stickers, and mini prints. 

Retro DaddioYour totally fab spot for everything geeky. Licensed merchandise for Doctor Who, Star Trek, Firefly, Harry Potter, Monty Python, and, of course, Edgar Allan Poe. Stop over and see Jen’s smiling face before your dogs are barkin’ daddio!

Sakura Sisters selling hand-crafted, fan-themed items, and one of a kind wands, quills, jewelry boxes, coasters, hats, fans, scarves and robes. (Not to mention dream catchers, fu-rin windchimes, Yukatas, Amigarumi dolls, and so much more!)

The Scribbling Lion Small press or Indie books, and filk music. TSL has a variety of books from anthology to horror to science fiction. 

A Steampunked Life- Steampunk. Head. To. Toe. Check them out on Instagram!

Sun Dame Mythically-inspired accessories from the ancient world to the fantasy world. Need a unicorn horn? It’s here. Elf ear cuffs? They got you covered. Fantasy crowns? Yep, that too. To top it off, they also have beautiful wire wrapped pendants, gem tiaras, rings and bracelets. Check them out on etsy!

Tangent Artists- Original comics and books! Key chains, art cards, posters, and commisioned artwork! 

Tempie Wade Beautiful, geeky, hand-crafted corsets and crossbody bags. And unique skulls. Because everyone needs an awesome skull!

Walt’s Cards Games! Board games, card games, more board games, and giant microbes!

Wrapped TemptationsSterling Silver wrapped gemstones and ear cuffs. Check out their Facebook page!