James Treekiller“If you have the desire, you can build anything!” That’s the motto I have lived with since a kid and its followed me through my adulthood though I still feel like a kid at heart. Being creative and working in the arts has always been second nature to me, I followed that passion through college and landed as a commercial artist in the private sector and museums. I was even in the running for the Smithsonian Institute but turned that career down to become a Medic/Firefighter, specializing in HAZ-MAT and Technical Rescue, which I recently retired from after twenty years of service.

If you know me, you will know that I have been a big Mad Max fan since seeing the first movie in the theatre, and following my motto my cosplay life started. My wife Deb and I rolled out Max and Doof as our first builds and they have won a lot of contests, including the big Mad Max 5-day event in the Mojave desert, Wasteland Weekend. The latest prop build is actually Max’s Interceptor which has had the approval of Emil Minty, the “Ferrel Kid” from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Again, if you have the desire, you can build anything!